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SWET Areas


The activities of the SWET Group are coordinated from our headquarters in Kalmar, Sweden. SWET’s subsidiaries are the hubs of our global network of business specialists. The subsidiaries interact with both agents in the individual regions and headquarter in Kalmar. All the subsidiaries are involved in one or more of the Group’s business areas and we have the area director’s represented in our management group in Sweden.


Middle East
Iraq and the region Kurdistan develops rapidly and by having around 160 000 people in Sweden, some very active with building up the home country, transfer competence and even moving back it is easy to see the potential of creating business in-between our countries. Then by having relatives, friends and family locally active all the time asking for support it´s given to build trading channels between Sweden and Iraq.

Our head office is in Erbil the region of Kurdistan, the local people are active in the operation channelizing goods all over Iraq. SWET (Swedish Business and Trading Center) fully owned daughter company to Swe Trading Center AB is specializing in wholesale, import and export in areas such as;
Example of active areas is;
• Healthcare & Medical device
• Household appliances, glassware & chemicals
• Beverages & confectionery
• Industrial supply, Construction/Building material
• Environmental & infrastructure sector
Our Area Director has long experience of both cultures, exporting/importing to and from the region, he have been active for many years and are present in both countries.

Based on the same main “basic idea” as Middle East we have operations in South America, some network & business channels go true North America. Spanish language and Latin America culture is very common in Sweden but not so common in Swedish business environment.

South America stands for rapid growth and in the years to come the region will be a business arena to count on. As an example, countries like Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru very much see Sweden and Scandinavia as a raw model of welfare, quality and people to trust and at the same time they have a big need of both competence transfer, products and services from us.

SWET have the aim to established business channels in various areas, right now the business unit is on hold waiting for growth signals from different areas. Miami-USA, Monterrey-Mexico, Caracas-Venezuela, Managua-Nicaragua, New York-USA, San Jose-Costa Rica an Area Director based out of Sweden will take care of when times is right, the person has to have a long project based business history from being active in the area of Americas. Together with the SWET organization the person has to be used to run business in various areas in the region from USA and Canada in the north all the way down to the southern parts of South America.

Areas under development when the company is ready to take the next steps.

Africa with the southern parts as an initial start is under development with the aim of establishes head office in Botswana. Africa will according experts stand for one of the biggest growth the coming 30 years. Political stability and needs of investments in all possible areas will open up significant business opportunities for Sweden. SWET have well established contacts and knowledge of the region together with local resources in a number of countries and more to be developed.

The region is in many aspects a fast growing business arena, often seen as just an area competing with us and our industry with low cost products and services. SWET see the area to become more and more mature and ready enough to be a receiver of Swedish products and services, meaning that we already have and will increase export in that direction instead of only one way. The SWET team has long experience of exploring business in the Asia pacific region, being active and networking in various areas, building and establishing organizations and companies